VIDEO Scores strip club in Springfield Massachusetts gas leak blast explosion

Gas Explosion Levels Strip Club in Mass.

Gas Explosion Levels Strip Club in Mass.

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Nov. 24 2012 3:08 PM

Investigators Seek Cause of Massachusetts Gas Explosion that Leveled a Strip Club

A day after a natural gas explosion tore through a strip club in Springfield, Mass. dozens of building inspectors were at the scene to try to figure out the cause of the blast. A total of 18 people were injured, and officials celebrated that no one died in the big Friday night explosion that left a large hole in the ground where the building holding the Scores Gentleman’s Club once stood, reports the Associated Press. Many of the injured were first responders who were already at the scene following reports of a gas leak.

The building housing the strip club had already been evacuated due to the reports of the leak, which likely helped avoid fatalities, reports Reuters. Officials also expressed relief that a day care center next door was closed at the time of the blast since its building was heavily damaged. At least 15 buildings in downtown Springfield suffered extensive damage. The blast was caught on tape:

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