White House considering accepting corporate donations for inauguration January 2013

Will Obama Accept Corporate Cash for Inauguration?

Will Obama Accept Corporate Cash for Inauguration?

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Nov. 23 2012 2:11 PM

White House Considers Accepting Corporate Donations for Inauguration

President Obama and his wife Michelle dance at one of the 2009 inauguration balls

Photo by STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

President Obama’s fundraising advisers are reportedly pushing the White House to let corporations pick up at least some of the tab for the inauguration celebration in January, reports the Wall Street Journal. The White House banned corporate donations for the event four years ago, but a weak economy combined with a long (and expensive) election means the traditional Democratic donors might be tapped out.

Although the state pays for the official swearing-in ceremony, supporters are responsible for picking up the tab of all the concerts and inaugural balls. Getting rid of the ban would surely make it easier to raise the tens of millions of dollars needed to pay for the events. Although the White House wouldn’t release cost estimates, Obama raised more than $50 million for the 2009 celebrations, notes the Journal.

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