Rep. Jesse Jackson Resigns

Reports: Jesse Jackson To Resign From Congress

Reports: Jesse Jackson To Resign From Congress

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Nov. 21 2012 2:16 PM

Reports: Jesse Jackson Jr. To Resign From Congress

Chicago's newspapers are reporting that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., the Illinois Democrat who has been MIA from Congress since this summer, plans to resign today.

The Tribune with more:

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will announce his resignation from Congress today in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, Jackson's brother Jonathan Jackson said. ...
Jackson, 47, a South Side Democrat, has been treated for bipolar depression and has been on a medical leave from Congress since June. He has been under investigation by federal authorities for alleged misuse of campaign dollars and also has faced a congressional ethics probe. 

Jackson stayed off the campaign trail this summer but nonetheless won another two-year term in the House. Under state law, there will be a special election to fill Jackson's 2nd District seat.

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