Train in Egypt hits school bus, kills 50

50 Killed as Egyptian Train Hits School Bus

50 Killed as Egyptian Train Hits School Bus

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Nov. 17 2012 1:57 PM

Train Hits School Bus in Egypt, Killing at Least 50

Egyptians inspect the damage caused by train accident in the province of Assuit, south of Cairo

Photo by AFP/Getty Images

As the world looked to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to play a key role as mediator to the developing situation in Gaza, it seems likely he has other concerns on his mind Saturday as a train in Egypt crashed into a school bus, killing at least 50 people, mostly children aged around four to eight, reports Reuters. The bus was broken in half, and there was blood everywhere a the scene with school bags and text books splattered across the scene of the tragic accident.

 A security official tells the Associated Press that it looks like a railroad crossing was not closed. It marks the worst tragedy to hit the country since Morsi came to power and once again brought to the forefront a wave of anger over the poor state of the country’s transportation system. Morsi said the state prosecutor needs to investigate the crash, and Transport Minister Mohamed Rashad resigned.

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