Rush Limbaugh-Jay-Z's 99 Problems VIDEO: Radio host recites lyrics to rap song.

Limbaugh Recites Lyrics to Jay-Z's 99 Problems

Limbaugh Recites Lyrics to Jay-Z's 99 Problems

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Nov. 6 2012 3:55 PM

Rush Limbaugh May Have Just Run Out of Things To Be Outraged About

Jay-Z performs before President Barack Obama speaks at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio,

Photograph by Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images.

This election has one more gift for the Internet before it wraps up tonight: Rush Limbaugh reciting the lyrics to Jay-Z's 99 Problems. As you may have heard, the rapper performed that song at an Obama rally yesterday with a Mitt-themed twist. Rush, it seems, was not amused.

Here's the clip from today's show (pulled by BuzzFeed). The lyrics come shortly before the two-minute mark. We admit that Rush's quasi-rapping failed to fully live up to what we were imagining when we were first tipped off to the spoken-word recital by Twitter. Then again, not much would have.

And the original remix:

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