Syria Eid cease-fire interrupted by Damascus car bombing, fighting across the country.

Despite Ceasefire, Fighting Continues in Syria

Despite Ceasefire, Fighting Continues in Syria

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Oct. 26 2012 12:41 PM

Syrian Ceasefire Promptly Ignored (Again)

Two Syrian men look at a flag bearing a portrait of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad placed on a trash container as they ride a three-wheel motorcycle in the Bustan al-Basha district in the northern city of Aleppo on October 26, 2012

Photo by Philippe Desmazes/AFP/Getty Images.

Another day, another ceasefire in Syria broken.

Fighting erupted across the country Friday, including car bombing in Damascus that wounded dozens. The fighting violated the Eid holiday ceasefire that, let's be honest, few thought would actually be observed. 


The fighting began near a military base in an opposition town, as Al Jazeera explains:

"Violent clashes started around 0730 GMT around the Wadi Deif base. The army responded by bombing the neighboring village of Deir Sharqi. It is the first violation of the ceasefire," [Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director] Abdul Rahman said.
He said that among the rebel fighters were members of the Islamist Al-Nusra Front, an armed group that had already indicated it would not abide by the truce."

State media is reporting at least five were killed and 30 wounded from a Damascus car bombing, with about 20 people total killed across the country in fighting by the afternoon, the BBC reports. That, they note, is a much lower number from the usual daily death toll in the country, where activists say over 35,000 people have died since uprisings began in March of 2011.