Hurricane Sandy: "Frankenstorm" prediction for Halloween weather on the East Coast.

"Frankenstorm" Heading For New York City

"Frankenstorm" Heading For New York City

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Oct. 26 2012 9:45 AM

Sandy May Become "Frankenstorm" Over Northeast

A woman looks from the door of her house at the destruction caused by hurricane Sandy in Cueto, Bayamo, 750 km east of Havana, on October 25, 2012

Photo by STR/AFP/Getty Images.

Hurricane Sandy is promising to become a "Frankenstorm" over the east coast, just in time for Halloween, according to federal forecasters.

The storm, which is losing strength but still enormous, will most likely hit the northeastern U.S. early next week. To make things worse, Sandy could meet up with a winter storm front moving across the United States, creating a monster storm that could cause days of trouble for one of the most densely populated regions of the country, reaching New York City on Tuesday.


According to the Associated Press, damage estimates are hitting $1 billion. CNN is already comparing the worst-case scenario to the 1991 "Perfect Storm" made famous in the film of the same name.

Sandy has already caused significant damage in the Caribbean, leaving at least 21 dead. That includes 11 in Cuba, 9 dead (and 2 missing) in Haiti, and one dead in Jamaica as of late Thursday, CNN reports.