Joe Biden's Smile: GOP, Drudge go after the VP for his smiles, laughter during the VP debate.

GOP Targets Biden's "Smile" During Post-Debate Spin

GOP Targets Biden's "Smile" During Post-Debate Spin

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Oct. 12 2012 12:40 AM

GOP Targets Biden's "Smile" During Post-Debate Spin

In the immediate aftermath of the presidential debate in Denver, Republicans quickly attacked President Obama for his "smirk." One week and one VP debate later, and this time they're going after Joe Biden's "smile."

Here's the new Web ad the Republican National Committee had online before the clock struck midnight (via the Weekly Standard):


And here's a screenshot of the Drudge Report's homepage in the hours after the Danville debate wrapped up:


Proving a Democratic vice president's smile is in the eyes of the beholder, here's the Huffington Post's homepage at roughly the same time:


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