Philadelphia Inquirer poll: President Obama has big lead over Mitt Romney in Keystone State

Obama Enjoys Big Pennsylvania Lead

Obama Enjoys Big Pennsylvania Lead

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Sept. 16 2012 1:37 PM

Obama Enjoys 11-Point Lead in Pennsylvania

President Obama arrives for a campaign event at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia on June 12

Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GettyImages

There is more evidence that Pennsylvania is increasingly looking less and less like a swing state. The latest Philadelphia Inquirer poll gives President Obama a commanding lead in the Keystone State. In a survey last week, a poll found that 50 percent of likely voters in the state would pull the lever for Obama, compared to 39 percent who would support Romney. That marks a two-point increase from a poll published last month and is yet another poll that seems to show a tough road ahead for Mitt Romney. A separate Inquirer poll shows Obama with a commanding, 14-point lead in New Jersey.

In a seeming recognition of this dynamic, the Romney camp has sharply cut back on advertising and candidate appearances in the state, according to the Inquirer.  Obama has also decreased his advertising there and the state has suddenly found it’s not at the center of the political race.


It was the latest poll to show good news for Obama. Several polls taken since the convention in key states seem to illustrate how Romney’s path to victory is becoming increasingly difficult, notes CNN. It’s not just that Obama seems to have a lead in iconic battleground states Ohio and Florida, it’s also that the number of people left who have not made up their minds continues to shrink.

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