Tornado hits New York City: Brooklyn, Queens struck by tornado

Tornado Hits New York City

Tornado Hits New York City

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Sept. 8 2012 2:54 PM

Tornado Hits New York City

The severe weather delayed the start of the men's semifinal match between Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych at the U.S. Open

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A tornado touched down briefly in Queens and Brooklyn Saturday morning, “terrifying residents all over the city,” reports the New York Daily News. A tornado swept out of the sea and hit a beachfront neighborhood, hurling debris and knocking down power lines but an hour after it struck there are still no reports of injuries, notes the Associated Press. (Videos after the jump.)

The tornado was part of a number of severe storms expected to hit the mid-Atlantic and Northeast Sunday. It was part of the storm system that killed four people in Oklahoma Friday. A tornado watch remains in effect for northern New Jersey and southeast New York until 9 p.m., reports Gothamist.

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