Slatest: Shift Change and Programming Note

Shift Change and Programming Note

Shift Change and Programming Note

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Sept. 7 2012 5:46 PM

Shift Change and Programming Note

It's quitting time for your regular host, who will be off through the end of the day Tuesday. But have no fear, the good Slatest ship will sail on in his absence with Daniel Politi at its helm. That name will no doubt ring a bell for all you fans of Slate's late, great Today's Papers column, which Daniel wrote from 2006-2009. He's also been a regular part of the Slatest team since then. You can follow him on Twitter @dpoliti.

One programming note, however: With your normal host out at the beginning of next week, Slatest subscribers won't receive an afternoon newsletter on Monday or Tuesday. But don't fret, he* and the PM will be back on Wednesday. Try not to miss them too much.


*No, we don't know why he refuses to use the first-person singular like a normal person.

Josh Voorhees is a Slate senior writer. He lives in Iowa City.