Costa Rica Earthquake: 7.9-magnitude quake prompts tsunami fears.

Quake Rattles Costa Rica, Prompts Tsunami Fears

Quake Rattles Costa Rica, Prompts Tsunami Fears

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Sept. 5 2012 12:32 PM

Strong Earthquake Rattles Costa Rica, Prompts Tsunami Fears


A powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake rattled Costa Rica on Wednesday morning, prompting tsunami fears for much of Central America.

Its epicenter was in the western half of the country, roughly 90 miles or so outside of the capital city of San Jose, and Reuters reports that it was felt as far away as Managua, the capital of neighboring Nicaragua.


The quake's magnitude was originally scored a 7.9 but was later downgraded three-tenths of a point. Shortly after it struck, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a warning for as far away as Mexico and Peru before scaling down the warnings to the Pacific coastlines of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.

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