Duffy London's Abyss Table and Ben Young's sculptures mimic the ocean with layers of glass (PHOTOS).
Incredible Layered Glass Sculptures That Mimic the Ocean (Photos)
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July 8 2014 1:12 PM

Incredible Layered Glass Sculptures That Mimic the Ocean

The Abyss Table from London-based designer Christopher Duffy is inspired by the mesmerizing depths of the sea.

Duffy London

This week landlocked design bloggers have been swooning over London-based designer Christopher Duffy’s Abyss Table, a mesmerizing sculpture masquerading as a coffee table that mimics the deep blue sea.

The Abyss Table from Duffy London.

Duffy London

Duffy and his design team spent a year experimenting with sculpted glass, Perspex, and wood to make the 25 limited-edition tables.

A close-up of the Abyss Table.

Duffy London

Meanwhile in Sydney, New Zealander Ben Young, a self-taught artist, surfer, and boat builder, has made a sea-inspired series of beautifully abstract, precisely crafted cut-glass sculptures. Despite their precision crafting, they are made by hand, not a 3-D printer in sight.

A Ben Young sculpture.
A Ben Young sculpture.


He draws the sculptures in 2-D, cuts them from clear sheets of glass made for windows with a glazier’s hand tool, then laminates and layers them to create 3-D sculptures that evoke the liquid movement of ocean waves.  

140708_EYE_Ben Young 31
A Ben Young sculpture.

Ben Young

140708_EYE_Ben Young 2
A Ben Young sculpture.

Ben Young

See more of Young's work at his website.

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