Slate's design blog, the Eye, launches today.
Welcome to Slate’s Design Blog
The Eye
Slate’s design blog.
Sept. 9 2013 12:00 PM

Welcome to Slate’s Design Blog

The Eye

Image by Thinkstock

Welcome to Slate’s new design blog, the Eye, where we will examine the groundbreaking, surprising, or simply delightful ways that designers reimagine every aspect of our physical and digital lives.

We will consider the life-changing inventions, minor masterpieces, and inevitable mishaps that result when designers attempt to solve our problems and improve our experiences, inventing products and devising systems to help us brush our teeth and use our smartphones and adorn our interiors and outfit our bodies and build our bridges and navigate our home towns and move through the world.

To pitch stories or send ideas, please email us at


Today we get started with a visit to an innovative Parisian pastry chef who has redesigned the iconic French éclair.

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