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Aug. 2 2016 7:06 AM

Do Fish Get Sunburned?

Answer by Leah Alissa Bayer:

As weird as it may sound, yes, fish get sunburns.

Koi kept in ponds are particularly susceptible to sunburns, as are fish in outdoor farming facilities where overcrowding forces fish to the surface. The combination of shallow, clear water and lack of natural shading devices leaves these guys vulnerable to intense UV penetration, causing skin sores. The burns can be fatal if left untreated and unprotected.

July 27 2016 7:07 AM

Is Paper Money a Fraud?

Answer by Harold Kingsberg:

Paper money is not a fraud. Sure, paper money seems weird at first glance (“So it’s this scrap of paper that someone says is worth something, so it’s worth something?”) but that doesn’t mean it’s a fraud. It’s just weird at first glance.

July 26 2016 7:07 AM

Could the U.S. Have Avoided the Civil War?

Answer by Joseph Boyle:

We had many chances to avoid the Civil War, which is not to exclude the possibility of a (likely smaller and shorter) war restricted to the Deep South, either at that time or another time.

July 25 2016 7:08 AM

How Can College Students Make the Most of Recruiting Events?

Answer by Makinde Adeagbo, founder of /dev/color, former engineer and manager at Pinterest, Dropbox, and Facebook:

Show Up. To my surprise, lots of people just don’t show up. Or they show up to just one event on campus. If you want to work at a company, show up to every event it has on campus. The recruiter will remember you, and that will matter when it comes to decision time.

July 23 2016 7:22 AM

How Is Plato’s Republic Relevant Today?


Answer by Cecili Chadwick:



Written in ancient Greece at a time of major political decay, Plato’s Republic is becoming increasingly relevant for anyone who cares about justice or has an interest in restoring the political health of our communities. In fact, I can’t think of anything more relevant. What we learn in the Republic is that the nature of justice depends on the nature of the city and that there are strong parallels between the city and the soul.


July 22 2016 7:04 AM

What Are the Advantages of Collaborative Writing?

Answer by Larry Dixon, scif-fi and fantasy writer, artist, designer, editor, and falconer:

There are many advantages!

As my co-writer Mercedes R. Lackey and I say, when you’re co-writing, you each get to do the best parts. When you have a good connection with a co-writer, you can build storylines around your strengths.

July 21 2016 7:05 AM

What Are the Tactical Advantages of a Trebuchet Over a Catapult?

Answer by Eric Lowe, classics major and historical European martial arts instructor:

A trebuchet is a device for attacking fortifications. Roughly speaking, a trebuchet has a few advantages over a catapult. First, it can handle heavier projectiles. A catapult’s maximum weight tops out at about 180 pounds; trebuchets top out at about 350. Second, compared with a torsion engine, it’s a fairly robust machine. Lastly, for a given weight of stone, the trebuchet has a longer range. The big ones there, of course, are the maximum projectile weight and range. When your objective is to smash stone fortifications, being able to throw bigger stones from farther away is certainly a desirable trait.

July 20 2016 7:07 AM

How Do You Appear Sophisticated When Ordering Wine at a Restaurant?

Answer by Jonathan Brodsky, senior vice president at Chicken Soup for the Soul:

I believe that the easiest way to look sophisticated when ordering wine is to look like you know your wine so that you don’t need help from a sommelier or a waiter. I also think that this is silly—a sommelier likely knows more about wine than you do—but if the point is to impress, then here’s my algorithm:

July 19 2016 7:14 AM

How Should You Answer an Interviewer’s Question About Adding Value to a Potential Employer?


Answer by Mira Zaslove, Fortune 500 manager, on Quora:



This is the most important question you will be asked in any interview.



Have an answer. If only for yourself. Even if you don't directly get asked this question, the interviewer is interviewing you to find out what value you can add to the company. Be prepared to answer.


July 18 2016 7:10 AM

What’s the Best Way to Move Out of Customer Service Jobs?

Answer by Jae Alexis Lee, IT support manager:

I’ve helped a lot of agents over the years find the career footing to exit entry-level customer service roles, and there are a few words of advice that I’d give anyone looking to make that transition.