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Dec. 28 2015 7:06 AM

Will Coding Still Be Relevant in a Decade?

Answer by Hadi Partovi, CEO, Code.org; tech entrepreneur/investor:

Absolutely. Not only will coding be relevant in 10 years, it will be more relevant than it is today. However, the syntax of coding languages will continue becoming easier. When it started, coding was about holes in pieces of cardboard. Then it looked like this: 00101010101. It now looks a lot more like English. As coding languages become more English-like, they will be easier to learn, less arcane, and thus more popular. And as computing systems permeate our lives, telling these devices what we want them to do, and inventing new uses for them, will continue to be more popular.

Dec. 27 2015 7:18 AM

How Do I Become a Best-Selling Writer?

Answer by Archie D'Cruz, editor, designer, writer:

All right, time for some industry secrets. (Well, maybe not secrets, but certainly not widely known). For context, I work in the industry, have several clients in publishing, including one of the Big Five, and have been involved in campaigns for a few best-selling books.

Dec. 26 2015 7:27 AM

Will India Ever Become a Superpower?

Answer by Igor Markov, EECS professor at Michigan, currently at Google:

This is possible but not at all easy. For the sake of long-term analysis, let's neglect some of India's current weaknesses that may get resolved in 10-20 years and focus on fundamentals and their manifestations.

Dec. 25 2015 7:16 AM

What’s So Special About Netflix’s Jessica Jones?

Answer by Dan Holliday, lover of all sci-fi, action, and comic-book movies:

It's the first (that I know of) really well-told female superhero TV series. (Yes, I'm aware of Wonder Woman, the Bionic Woman, the many female superheros on the larger cast-driven TV series such as Heroes and Agents of Shield. But as stand-alone dramas, Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman were frequently hokey and, for me, incredibly dated. However, Xena does count as the most successful and well-produced female superhero TV series, so Jessica Jones gets second place.) It avoids the standard trap when exploring the depth and life of a “new type” of character (the trail-blazers: first female superhero, first black superhero, first gay superhero) of portraying them simplistically as all wise, good, noble, and driven by the best virtues. 

Dec. 24 2015 7:21 AM

Could an X-Wing Aircraft From Star Wars Actually Fly?

Answer by Jamie Gull, aerospace engineer at SpaceX and Scaled Composites:

First, let's assume you mean could it fly here on Earth in our atmosphere. Anything can fly in space in zero gravity with the right propulsion on it—even a brick.

Dec. 23 2015 7:25 AM

How Can a Family Tone Down on Christmas Gifts Without Upsetting the Kids?

Answer by Marti LaChance, happy Grinch:

Warning: Christmas heresy ahead!

The most honest, efficient way to tone down the Christmas gift extravaganza is to debunk Santa Claus. Yep, destroy the myth of a super friendly fat guy who provides unlimited free gifts for all kids who are reasonably well-behaved during the month of December.

Dec. 22 2015 7:09 AM

Do the Rewards of Being a Chef Outweigh the Hardships?

Answer by Joe Nilsen, cooking since I was knee-high to a gopher:

In order to answer this, I think it’d be best to lay out the exact pros and cons of being a chef. The public seems to believe in its own misconceptions about these rewards and benefits, but let me assure you, there is no audience to applaud us, and there are no Emeril-style “BAM” moments in real life.

Dec. 21 2015 7:05 AM

Do Police Officers Struggle With Becoming Bitter Toward the Public?

Answer by Tim Dees, retired cop and criminal justice professor, Reno Police Department:

Yes. This is particularly a problem when the officer is dealing with a group who he perceives is always making work for him.

Dec. 16 2015 7:07 AM

What Should Men Do (and Not Do) to Support Women in Tech?

Answer by Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook and founder of LeanIn.Org:

One of my favorite posters at Facebook says, “Nothing at Facebook is Someone Else’s Problem.” The inequities that persist are everyone’s problem—gender inequality harms men and women, racism hurts whites and minorities, and equal opportunity benefits us all. We need to help everyone understand that equality is necessary for our industry and economy.

Dec. 15 2015 7:12 AM

Are Aircraft Carriers Any Use Against a Military Like China’s or Russia’s?

Answer by Igor Markov:

Whenever you hear about new superweapons, check how successful their previous five tests were, and then check how realistic those tests were. Then try to understand what fundamental physical, logistical, and game-theoretic obstacles must be addressed by the weapon and under which circumstances it can actually be used.