Sochi Olympics gay rights: Jewish grandmas don’t want their gay grandsons going to Russia for the Olympics.
A Sad, Sweet, Hilarious Voicemail From an Overprotective Jewish Grandma to Her Gay Grandson
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Feb. 6 2014 8:00 AM

Sad, Sweet, Hilarious Voicemail From Jewish Grandma to Gay Grandson: “Don’t Go to Sochi!”

A police security patrol ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics.
A police security patrol ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

A family member recently forwarded me this deliriously wonderful voicemail that a gay friend had gotten from his very much in-character Jewish bubbe. The friend in question, who wants to maintain his and his grandma’s anonymity for personal reasons, posted the voicemail on his Tumblr, along with this message:

Grandma keeps abreast of gay rights news and has some cautionary words about a potential trip to Russia for Sochi. Heartwarming waking up to this voicemail. A testament to the cultural divide. BTW, I returned the phone call.

The voicemail recipient says that he gets calls like this from Grandma all the time. The upcoming post-med-school travels his grandmother was fretting about will be to Southeast Asia, and they won’t start until after the Olympics end, “so Grandma doesn't need to worry.”

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