Maybe Finland's Not Leaving The Euro After All
Maybe Finland's Not Leaving The Euro After All
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July 6 2012 4:28 PM

Maybe Finland's Not Leaving The Euro After All

The English-speaking economics blogosphere is abuzz today with talk of Finland leaving the eurozone after a Daily Telegraph report based on an interview the finance minister did with a Swedish business paper.

I thought I might look into what the Finnish press has to say about all this, and it turns out that the country's biggest newpaper, Helsingin Sanomat, has a story which is just about how foreigners are talking about the interview. It says in Finnish that all this is "Rohkea tulkinta perustuu Kauppalehdessä perjantaina julkaistuun haastatteluun." Obviously I don't speak Finnish, but Google Translate and several Finnish speakers confirm to me that this means it's a "bold interpretation" based on the Kauppalehdessä interview. Not wrong, in other words, but perhaps not correct either.

Matthew Yglesias is the executive editor of Vox and author of The Rent Is Too Damn High.

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