Weekend Talking Points, August 27-29

Weekend Talking Points, August 27-29

Weekend Talking Points, August 27-29

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Aug. 27 2010 10:43 AM

Weekend Talking Points, August 27-29

1) Jackson Holy Rollers. Bernanke's Friday speech turned out to be little more than a rehash of Alan Blinder's Thursday Wall Street Journal op-ed . Yes, we know what theoretical powers the Fed has—so which ones does it intend to use?

2) CDOs That Ate Themselves. Just when you think there's no aspect of the Great Crash that hasn't been thoroughly picked over, the ProPublica boys come back with more . It's not clear what the impact was, but it sure does seem strange that by 2007, 67 percent of the market for unwanted portions of CDOs (at places like Citi, Bank of America, and Merrill Lynch) consisted of CDOs themselves. Generally, any business situation that involves creating fake customers usually turns out bad.


3) Recovery? What Recovery? When Paul Krugman says this is not a recovery , you know it has to be true!

4) Crazy Takeovers Are Back! It's OK to admit it: A month ago, you didn't know what 3PAR was, did you? Now, thanks to back-and-forth raises between Dell and HP, it's apparently worth 66 percent more than it was on Aug. 16. Since HP got involved in this, it's shaved more off the value of its own stock than this deal is worth . Good thing cloud computing doesn't lead to cloudy valuations.


Yes, Facebook Wants To Trademark the Word Face .

A move that will primarily bring to mind other body parts. The

can't come soon enough.

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