Tweets 12/3/09

Tweets 12/3/09

Tweets 12/3/09

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Dec. 3 2009 7:42 AM

Tweets 12/3/09

Human Nature has been away on a project and will be back soon with articles and blog posts. Until then, here are some of the short takes I've been posting on the news. To get them in real time, subscribe to the HN Twitter feed .

1. Next Internet wave underway: redesigning the Web for phones. The phone is devouring the universe.

2. Black resistance to gay/black analogy lingers: But is being gay more of a choice than being black?

3. If you like the investigation of Tiger Woods' health records you'll love prosecuting abortion laws.

4. Get ready for restrictions on heating & A/C: Spain is banning A/C below 79 degrees. Prediction: This will sweep Europe.

5. Latest plan to fight global warming: sheep eugenics. To reduce methane burps. I kid you not. A tree-hugger's dilemma.

6. Comfort food as antidepressant: It's getting harder to sustain the old idea that "food" is natural but "drugs" aren't.

7. Fight HIV with Muslim extremism? In case you blamed Jesse Helms on Christianity. BTW, I hear beheadings are unsanitary.

8. 80% of US corn comes from GM seeds controlled by a Monsanto patent: Goodbye nature, hello intellectual property.

9. Psychopathic genes can make you a psychopath... unless you're aware of them. Reflection is a glitch in bio-determinism.

10. Latest virtual-reality breakthrough: Web porn synchronized with real sensations. Hat tip to Jason Chen via @ jackshafer .

11. 70%-80% of 2009 U.S. casualties in Afghanistan have been caused by IEDs, not weapons fire: So much for "shooting wars."

12. Illusion of muscles created by spray-tan art: Forget Photoshop, the new visual fraud is standing right in front of you.

13. Pro-lifers are for scripted informed consent except when it applies to them. (Ditto pro-choicers?)

14. We could save women more abortion $ via birth control than via a zero-sum insurance fight.

15. Teaching computers idioms via feedback: This is the path to AI: Machines must learn by observation & modeling, as we do.

16. Horrifying story of a guy misdiagnosed as comatose, unable to speak the truth: How many more cases don't we know about?

17. Child molesters turning to cyberspace: Looks like a net gain: 1) can bypass touching and 2) easier to track/catch them.

18. Next-generation surveillance: Acoustic sensor networks triangulate gunshot locations & swivel/zoom cameras to catch you.

19. If molesters can't can't be with kids, shouldn't people who kill in their sleep be barred from sleeping with others?

20. If your kindergarten "aptitude" test can be outsmarted by test prep , then it doesn't really measure aptitude, does it?

21. Old wives' tale: Pot is bad for you in 100 ways. New wives' tale: Pot is good for you in 100 ways. That'll be $100.