Tweets 11/20/09

Tweets 11/20/09

Tweets 11/20/09

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Nov. 20 2009 7:42 AM

Tweets 11/20/09

Here are some of this week's Human Nature short takes on the news. To get them in real time, subscribe to the HN Twitter feed .

1. Mayor on Chicago's surveillance network: "cameras are the next best thing" to cops. Prediction: Domestic drones are next.

William Saletan William Saletan

Will Saletan writes about politics, science, technology, and other stuff for Slate. He’s the author of Bearing Right.


2. Latest totalitarian hubris: central weather planning Didn't work for shamans, won't work for China, Cuba, or Venezuela.

3. GPS tracking is being extended from felons to old folks: And that's good for both of them.

4. Penis-numbing spray prevents premature ejaculation: Overdose might have saved Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Mark Foley...

5. If Pistorius' artificial legs aren't faster than real ones ( ), the next generation will be.


6. Dispersed insurgents force US to disperse surveillance & communications to soldiers: Infantry is becoming white-collar.

7. "Data does not tell us what to do" in medicine; we must consult "values." GOP on stem cells? No, Dems on breast cancer:

8. Stupak consolation: No abortion coverage, but contraceptive coverage would cut your risk of having to pay for abortion.

9. Latest female arousal drug: I've seen such hype before. But at least they're targeting the brain now, not the vagina.


10. Palin denies we evolved from "monkeys who ...swung down from the trees." So do scientists, dingbat!

11. As smokers decline to 20% or 15% of population, it becomes economically logical to ban them from apartment buildings.

12. "The IED has now replaced direct-fire weapons as the enemy's weapon of choice." Surveillance, not combat, is the future.

13. God bless this effort to teach mullahs contraception: But the surest way to control population is to empower women.


14. 26 gallons of water from a single moon probe impact: That's a lot of water. Moon habitation is looking more plausible.

15. Scary theory: By boosting your impression of alertness, caffeine dangerously masks the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

16. The Vatican may burn a heretic now & then, but the arc of Catholic science bends toward curiosity: Also best lede ever.

17. Regrowing penises and breasts : Will it become possible to alter (or double) your sex "naturally"?

18. Laptop porn-viewing in public: Another sign we're mentally drifting out of physical/social reality and into cyberspace.