Naked Body Scanners, Continued
Naked Body Scanners, Continued
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April 8 2009 7:51 AM

Naked Body Scanners, Continued

The naked body scanners are taking over.

When we first checked in on them two years ago , the scanners, which see through clothing , were being deployed at a single airport. ... TSA assured us that the scanners would be used only as a "voluntary alternative" to "a more invasive physical pat-down during secondary screening." Only a few passengers, the ones selected for extra scrutiny, would face the scanners. The rest of us could walk through the metal detectors and board our planes.


Surprise! TSA has  revised its position . Everyone will face the see-through machines. Anyone who objects will "undergo metal detector screening and a pat-down." Show us your body, or we'll feel you up.

More here .

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