Japanese Isopod iPhone case is creepy and great looking.
Oh, Wow, This Isopod iPhone Case Is Particularly Hilarious and Amazing
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June 30 2014 6:04 PM

Oh, Wow, This Isopod iPhone Case Is Particularly Hilarious and Amazing

So ... this is a thing you could own.

Photo from ITMedia.

I've seen a lot of weird iPhone cases in my day, and if there's one thing I've learned it’s that there’s always room to set the creepy bar a little bit higher. Behold:


Photo from ITMedia.

You might not know much about isopods, which are crustaceans with segmented exoskeletons and two pairs of antennae. But if you want some type of creepy crawly to curl up around your iPhone (a major priority for everyone, right?), you need this. Thankfully, the Verge dug it up. Debuting on July 7 for $80 or $120—there are, of course, two models—the isopod case “is made for iPhone, but it can probably fit lots of other models!”


If you're not getting quite how it works, here's a handy step-by-step guide:


Photo from ITMedia.

There’s something beautiful about the smooth lines of the exoskeleton, but the case loses some of that charm when you’re on the phone and it looks like a giant beetle (or shrimp) is biting your face off. Oh, and remember the two models? There’s silver, but there's also gold! A blinged-out isopod is just what the iPhone has been missing.


Photo from ITMedia.

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