Apple OS X Mavericks: For what California location should Apple name its next operating system?

What Should Apple Call Its Next Operating System? La Brea? Alcatraz?

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June 10 2013 6:34 PM

What Should Apple Call Its Next Operating System? La Brea? Alcatraz?

OS X Mavericks
It looks stunning, but just wait until it crashes.

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Running low on big cats, Apple announced Monday that it will begin naming its desktop operating systems after California locations instead. That dovetails with the company’s new U.S.-centric branding strategy. But the company's first choice was a bit of a head-scratcher: OS X version 10.9 will be called “Mavericks,” after perhaps the world’s least user-friendly (and most unreliable) surfing destination.

What evocative Golden State place name will Apple choose for its next exciting software package? We have a few ideas:


Feel free to add your own helpful suggestions in the comments.

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