Ryan Lochte photo: The incredibly canine visage of the American swimming star.
The Incredibly Canine Visage of Swimming Star Ryan Lochte
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July 24 2012 10:36 AM

The Incredibly Canine Visage of Swimming Star Ryan Lochte

Lochte and Shar-Pei
Separated at birth?

Photograph by Michael Regan/Getty Images and Thinkstock.

Ryan Lochte is one of NBC's stars of the London Olympics, a prominent figure in the network's rotation of pre-games promotional spots. That's because the 27-year-old swimmer is Michael Phelps' biggest rival. It also doesn't hurt that, in the words of the Hairpin's Edith Zimmerman, Lochte is a "scaldingly hot goon."

But this three-time Olympic gold medalist is not just a pretty face. As is clear in this photo, taken during a Monday training session, Lochte also resembles a Shar-Pei. Since Shar-Peis are adorable, this should only propel the swimmer to greater popularity in the aquatic and canine communities.


With the Olympics just a few days away, the pressure is on Phelps to respond to Lochte's dog-like visage. Will he go full Greyhound? Doberman? The world is watching.

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