Clean Plate Challenge! Design My Perfect Eating Day.

Clean Plate Challenge! Design My Perfect Eating Day.

Clean Plate Challenge! Design My Perfect Eating Day.

Outrageous experiments in sensible eating.
Jan. 12 2011 11:10 AM

Clean Plate Challenge! Design My Perfect Eating Day.

Unsurprisingly, I can do no right when it comes to eating. According to my esteemed readers, I am doing this all wrong.

Ellen Tarlin Ellen Tarlin

Ellen Tarlin is a former Slate copy chief and writer of the "Clean Plate" blog. Her essays have appeared in the Boston Globe, the Boston PhoenixBrooklyn Bridge, Bark, and  the RISK storytelling podcast. Follow her on Twitter.

Somehow I am simultaneously:

  • eating too little
  • eating too much
  • eating too little protein
  • eating too many nuts and too much peanut butter and cheese
  • eating too little fat
  • eating too much fat
  • eating too few vegetables
  • not "spending more and eating less"
  • spending too much
  • eating too much sugar
  • not having enough chocolate or coffee
  • eating too many fruits
  • not eating enough variety
  • eating too much oatmeal and pasta
  • not cooking enough

Help! I turn to you once again. Here is your chance to show me how it's done. The challenge: to design a perfect eating day for me.

The rules:

  1. No meat.
  2. No fake foods such as sugar substitutes or fat substitutes. (Let's try to avoided added sugar altogether. Yes, that means honey and maple syrup, too.)
  3. No huge prep times: I have a full-time job (aside from doing this blog), and I unfortunately don't have a lot of time to spend cooking every day. (I get home at 7:30 p.m. There's not much I can do about this.)
  4. Easy on the lugging: My daily commute involves a lot of walking and stair-climbing, and I'm nursing an elbow injury.
  5. You may choose to design the perfect eating day nutrition-wise or design the least expensive perfect eating day. If you can do both in the same day, all the better. Please include your estimates for nutrients and cost (if you are going for the least expensive).
  6. If you design a day that works for me, I will try to eat it!

Thank you all!