Let the Sabotage Begin!
Let the Sabotage Begin!
Outrageous experiments in sensible eating.
Jan. 6 2011 4:16 PM

Let the Sabotage Begin!

Did I mention that my parents sent me not one but two boxes of chocolates today? Two. They are wrapped in wrapping paper, so I stuck them in the freezer for a future week. I didn't have any, I swear. I didn't even unwrap them. What was that I said in Week 1? Something about whenever one publicly embarks on a new eating plan, the world does all it can to interfere? Thanks, Mom and Dad!


And earlier in the week, I received this e-mail at the office:


Every year since I was six, my aunt has baked me homemade peanut butter chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, butterscotch cookies and chocolate covered cherries. This year is no exception … please help yourself to a plethora of sweet treats on the table.

I knew not of which table this person spoke, nor did I go hunting for it, as I normally would have.

I mention this today, because it's Thursday, the day on which I predicted I would start craving chocolate. And I have, among other things.

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