Please Don't Be Discouraged by My Breakfast

Please Don't Be Discouraged by My Breakfast

Please Don't Be Discouraged by My Breakfast

Outrageous experiments in sensible eating.
Jan. 3 2011 2:08 PM

Please Don't Be Discouraged by My Breakfast

It's only lunchtime on Day 1 and I've already learned important lessons. I got up at 6 a.m. yet still managed to be late, and I haven't had time to food shop. What's the old adage? If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. So I had to scrape together breakfast from what was in the house. Here's what I ate:

Ellen Tarlin Ellen Tarlin

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It's pomegranate seeds, Tazo Zen green tea, and leftover cold congealed McCann's steel-cut oatmeal. Coffee 's got a tiny bit of nutrition, but I decided to switch to tea this week because it ostensibly contains more phytochemicals . Yeah, cold congealed oatmeal is gross, but I actually eat it that way rather frequently. I had to do the shovel-in, since I was late. It occurred to me later that I should have added milk.

I didn't measure. I eyeballed it at about 1-1½ cups of oatmeal, maybe ½ cup of pomegranate seeds and a gigantic cup of tea and that was my second. Also, I ate at my dressing table while straightening my hair, because I was already running late. I threw together a few things for lunch in my L.L. Bean lunch box : Brazil nuts, to get the protein I missed at breakfast, a whole-wheat challah roll, a tangerine that is probably past its prime, and grapes. I arrived at the doctor's 20 minutes late. (And she is one of the few New York doctors who actually runs on time, so I felt bad.)

Here's my sad little lunch box:


I did OK in terms of nutrients with this breakfast, but my morning certainly could have gone a lot smoother. At noon I was hungry, but I'm supposed to photograph everything I eat for the blog, and I was too busy. (I'm thinking photographing everything you eat might be the secret to weight loss.) Finally I had ¼ cup of Brazil nuts, which can look large or small depending on how you photograph it:


It's after 2 p.m. and I haven't eaten lunch yet. I'm hungry, but I need to figure out how what I've eaten fits in with MyPyramid. Then: cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the kitchen, getting new food in there. But first, I need to plan what to make for dinner.