Google CEO Larry Page: Elon Musk would get my inheritance over charity.
Google CEO: I’d Rather Leave My Billions to Elon Musk Than to Charity
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March 20 2014 12:57 PM

Larry Page: I’d Rather Leave My Billions to Elon Musk Than to Charity

Google's Larry Page
"Raise your hand if you'd like to be in my will."

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This post originally appeared in Business Insider.

Google CEO Larry Page has an unusual idea about what should happen to his billions should he die. 

Instead of giving it to a philanthropic organization, he'd rather hand over his cash to Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and Solar City.


In a conversation with Charlie Rose at a TED conference on Wednesday, Page said he wanted his money going to capitalists like Musk—those with big ideas for changing the world—according to a report at Wired.

He thinks Musk's vision for going to Mars "to back up humanity" is inspired. He said, "That’s a company, and that’s philanthropical."

According to some people on Twitter, Page even went as far as to suggest that everyone give their money to a corporation that was trying to accomplish big stuff. 

We're not sure if he's being literal or figurative here. There are surprisingly few write-ups of these comments on the Web.

It seems as if he's making a larger point, which is that the right company run by the right person can have a major effect. 

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