Diagram: Different types of drones.
A Complete Guide to Drones, in One Picture
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Feb. 2 2014 1:15 PM

A Complete Guide to Drones, in One Picture

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This is from the Drone Survival Guide, a to-scale silhouette mock-up of the world's drones by Ruben Pater.

Pater believes that as drones become increasingly common, people should have the tools to identify them at a moment's notice. The ability to recognize a drone by its silhouette, Pater thinks, is much like our ancestors' ability to spot predators from afar.

In-depth information for how best to prepare for the coming reality of a drone-filled world by can be found at Pater's website. Reflective copies of the guide—useful for possibly being able to disrupt a drone's sensor, though Pater admits he's not entirely sure—can be purchased in multiple languages.

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