Netflix is developing Kevin Spacey–less House of Cards spinoffs.

Netflix Is Working on House of Cards Spinoffs Not Starring Kevin Spacey

Netflix Is Working on House of Cards Spinoffs Not Starring Kevin Spacey

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Oct. 31 2017 11:27 AM

Netflix Is Working on Multiple House of Cards Spinoffs Not Starring Kevin Spacey

Michael Kelly, seen here with Kevin Spacey at a House of Cards Q&A, is one the actors whose character is being floated for a spinoff.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix

Diehard fans of the soon-to-be-kaput House of Cards need not fear: A spinoff is in the works.

Variety reports that Netflix has multiple spinoff ideas in early development, including one based around Frank Underwood’s right-hand man, Doug Stamper, to be written by the show’s former executive producer, Eric Roth. The spinoff of the adaptation of the British miniseries of the same name will be set in the same political universe as the U.S. adaptation, in which the power-hungry Underwood ruthlessly climbs his way to the position of president of the United States. A spinoff surrounding Michael Kelly’s Stamper would likely be equally as a cold-blooded, with Stamper having been responsible for implementing many an Underwood scheme and the occasional cold-blooded murder.


Monday’s announcement that the upcoming sixth season of House of Cards would be its last came awkwardly in the wake of the allegations against Kevin Spacey, who had just been accused of making sexual advances against a then–14-year-old Anthony Rapp. A source speaking on condition of anonymity told the Associated Press that the decision to end the series was made many months ago. Plans for a spinoff also appear to have been in the works for at least 24 hours. At least.

No mention yet on whether Spacey was expected to play a role in any of the spinoffs, but it now seems unlikely.