Wonder Woman’s Honest Trailer is as feminist as the film.

Wonder Woman’s Honest Trailer: What If We Put a Woman in a Superhero Movie That Wasn’t Complete Garbage?

Wonder Woman’s Honest Trailer: What If We Put a Woman in a Superhero Movie That Wasn’t Complete Garbage?

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Sept. 19 2017 5:13 PM

The Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman Says She’s the Hero DC Needs, Even If It Doesn’t Deserve Her


Honest Trailer

As the argument as to whether Wonder Woman is a feminist film wages bafflingly on, the movie’s Honest Trailer is here to remind us of the importance and rarity of what it depicts.

After all, studios never thought a groundbreaking, record-breaking female-led superhero movie was possible. Until, that is, Patty Jenkin came along and asked one simple question: “What if a female-led superhero movie wasn’t absolute garbage from beginning to end?” If only someone had thought of this sooner!


A movie must be pretty darn flawless to gain the near-universal respect of critics and audiences alike, just as a woman has to be faultless to gain the respect of some men—something the trailer is upfront about. If, like Diana, you’re strong, speak hundreds of languages, and are a literal god, perhaps then “men might begrudgingly half-tolerate your presence.”

Of course, Wonder Woman isn’t totally perfect. She does have her kryptonite, the trailer concedes, as every superhero does—hers is “not knowing jack about anything.” The video lines up the deluge of questions Diana asks throughout the film, showing her isolation-caused ignorance on the subjects of war, marriage, secretaries, watches, sleep, and holding hands.

Nor is the film perfect. To show a fearless and powerful women saving the men around her is groundbreaking, “but not so groundbreaking that they didn’t put one of the bankable Hollywood Chrises in it.” (That would be Chris Pine.) But, the voiceover realizes midway through, he’s actually playing the damsel in distress: “Hey, they gave him the role women always have to play against the male superheroes, didn’t they? I see what you did there!”

The trailer also picks out some of the film’s non-Chris-related problems: Its cultural stereotypes, its historical inaccuracy, and, last but not least, its cartoonish villains. While Gadot and Pine are complex characters, the bad guys seem to be “villains pulled from a different, much campier movie.”

“Does it end with a lightning-hands mustache-man yelling video game level dialogue?” Yes, yes it does.

There’s also space for a few jabs at the DC Extended Universe, which has pulled off a major success by not doing any of the things it is usually known for. Wonder Woman is “the hero the DCEU doesn’t deserve—but sure as hell needs right now!”