Nick Kocher's Emmys tuxedo mixup meets Freytag's pyramid.

An SNL Writer’s Story of a Lost Emmys Tuxedo Has Everything It Takes to Make a Classical Drama

An SNL Writer’s Story of a Lost Emmys Tuxedo Has Everything It Takes to Make a Classical Drama

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Sept. 19 2017 6:06 PM

SNL Writer Nick Kocher’s Emmys Tuxedo Story Is a Dramatic Tale of Mistaken Identity and Rivalry

Nick Kocher.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Saturday Night Live writer and Jon Snow lookalike Nick Kocher had a small garment bag mixup ahead of this year’s Emmy Awards, as he explained on Instagram in “a story in 10 acts.” Kocher probably just meant that he was posting 10 separate photos to tell the story, but upon closer examination, the tale actually holds up pretty well when examined using Freytag’s pyramid. Here it is in classical five-act form.



Nick Kocher, a writer for the popular variety television series Saturday Night Live, travels to Los Angeles for the Emmy Awards. He brings a garment bag containing his tuxedo.

Rising Action:

Kocher discovers he took the wrong garment bag from the airport. He calls the airline and uses social media to search for the correct owner of the tuxedo. A friend offers to lend him a suit, but it is too large for him.



Kocher is contacted by the correct owner of the tuxedo, a turning point for our protagonist.


Nick Kocher via Instagram

Falling Action:

Kocher and his garment bag doppelganger meet and exchange tuxedos. In a moment of final suspense, the correct owner of the tuxedo turns out to be Matt Lappin, who works as a supervising producer on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, making him Kocher’s rival.


Kocher wears the correct tuxedo to the Emmy Awards and poses amicably with Lappin. Both programs lose Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series to Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

We did it!

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And curtain.

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