Seth Meyers takes a Closer Look at Steve Bannon and Hurricane Irma.

Seth Meyers Examines Whether Hurricane Irma or Steve Bannon Is the Bigger Threat

Seth Meyers Examines Whether Hurricane Irma or Steve Bannon Is the Bigger Threat

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Sept. 12 2017 4:16 PM

Does Steve Bannon View “Billy Bush Weekend” as a National Holiday? Seth Meyers Thinks So.


On Monday night, Seth Meyers used his “A Closer Look” segment to dive into two different but equally dangerous calamities: Hurricane Irma and Steve Bannon.

After wrapping up all the best moments cable news had to offer on Irma, from the most literal descriptions of what weather feels like to a soaking wet Anderson Cooper, Meyers turned his attention to Trumpland.


In an interview that aired Sunday, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon “slithered out from under his rock” to speak to 60 Minutes about his former boss, whom he intends to stand by (while simultaneously waging war against the party Trump supposedly represents, of course). Bannon think himself a pretty good wingman, and Meyers agrees, seeing as how “literally anyone would look like a catch standing next to [Bannon].”

The weirdest part of the interview, Meyers pointed out, was the way the Breitbart chairman kept referring to the weekend the disgusting Access Hollywood tape dropped as if it were some kind of national holiday. “Billy Bush Saturday showed me who really had Donald Trump’s back,” Bannon told 60 Minutes. Chris Christie, for example, wasn’t looked at for a Cabinet position due to his behavior on “Billy Bush Weekend,” when he chose not to immediately stand by the man who had just bragged about sexual assault.

“Gather ’round, children,” cried Meyers. “Can you hear it? It’s the sound of the Access Hollywood bus! Billy Bush Weekend is here, Tic Tacs for everyone!”

Billy Bush Weekend almost was a holiday, one that should have commemorated the end of Trump's campaign for president. Unfortunately for America, the GOP—the party of Trump, Meyers reminds us—came crawling back to him, as it always does.