Listen to Wyatt Cenac take on Trump in a new album.

Wyatt Cenac’s New Album Takes on Trump, and You Can Listen to It For Free

Wyatt Cenac’s New Album Takes on Trump, and You Can Listen to It For Free

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Nov. 18 2016 4:34 PM

Wyatt Cenac’s New Album Takes on Trump, and You Can Listen to It For Free

Wyatt Cenac.

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Former Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac is trying out a new line of communication. The comic has started a subscription service on his official website, and anyone who provides his or her email address will receive his new 16-minute recording One Angry Night in November for free. Fans of Cenac and political comedy should take note: The special is essentially a reaction to Donald Trump’s election as president.

Under this system, Cenac automatically responds to any subscriber with a link to the download and a message for the listener. “One of the things that was great about working on The Daily Show was the ability to respond to the day's events with the humor and emotion that we felt in that moment,” he writes. “There are times when I write things that may have a short shelf life or wind up being a direct response to something. This EP is made up of some of the thoughts I’ve had over the last week.”


The set was recorded on Nov. 14, six days after the election. It’s loose but sharp, with plenty of jabs directed at those who put Trump into office—including a particularly memorable one at white women: “I’ve seen enough Lifetime movies to know that a white lady will put up with a man’s lies and cheating while, at the same time, scrutinizing another woman’s worth.” Cenac also covers the final months of Obama’s presidency, the differences between racism and white supremacy, and the importance of civic engagement.

Cenac’s desire to communicate with fans via mailing list is similar to Louis C.K.’s method of releasing content. (His web series Horace and Pete was also marked early on by quick reactions to recent political events.) Cenac’s EP is free, however, and features the kind of low-key, pointed humor that can feel quietly cathartic in anxious times like these. For those still processing the events of Nov. 8, a little comedy might  go a long way.

Visit Cenac's website to sign up and access One Angry Night in November.