Hot Topic's Suicide Squad collection is ridiculous.

Hot Topic Has a Clothing Line Inspired by Suicide Squad, And Its Outrageous

Hot Topic Has a Clothing Line Inspired by Suicide Squad, And Its Outrageous

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Aug. 5 2016 5:25 PM

Hot Topic Has a Clothing Line Inspired by Suicide Squad, and Its as Outrageous as You Might Imagine

Now you too can look like a deranged punk babydoll.

Warner Bros

Hot Topic and Suicide Squad seem like a match made in heaven—after all, who better to market the movie’s dingy bubblegum-grunge aesthetic to teenagers than the store where every goth middle-schooler shops for clothes? Nevertheless, Hot Topic’s Suicide Squad collection contains some pretty bizarre finds among all of the Harley Quinn and Joker-inspired couture. For instance:


Hot Topic

"Puddin" cuff bracelet set
People who don’t get the reference will just assume you have a side job as a pastry chef (and are bad at spelling). It’s a win-win!


Hot Topic


Studded gun holster
Yes, the product description specifies that this is meant for a toy gun and fake ammo. But: still.


Hot Topic

Harley Quinn seatbelt
Does not come with Harley Quinn’s other must-have driving neccessity, unfortunately.


Hot Topic

Daddy’s Little Monster sweater
This shirt is doubly creepy when you know that the “Daddy” being referred to is the Joker himself. Don’t forget the matching ball cap, locket, wallet, purse, and … hairbrush?


Hot Topic

Harley Quinn and the Joker #relationshipgoals rubber bracelet two-pack
Yes, nothing says #relationshipgoals like the tortured pas de deux between a deeply troubled woman and her abuser.

Worst of all, Hot Topic’s collection is missing the one Suicide Squad–related article of clothing we really do want: Jared Leto’s lime-green, double-breasted dream coat.

Marissa Martinelli is a Slate editorial assistant.