Star Wars sound design: a video breakdown of all the secrets behind the sounds.

Here’s How All of the Most Iconic Star Wars Sounds Were Made

Here’s How All of the Most Iconic Star Wars Sounds Were Made

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Dec. 10 2015 8:03 AM

The Secrets Behind Star Wars’ Most Iconic Sounds


Still taken from the video.

Ever wonder where on earth Chewbacca’s voice came from? Like most of the sounds in the Star Wars movies, it’s both distinctly otherworldly and teasingly familiar. Luckily for curious fans, Ben Burtt, the sound designer behind all of the franchise’s most iconic noises and voices, has shared the secrets behind almost all of his best acoustic creations—from the lightsaber swoosh, to the Millennium Falcon’s faulty hyperdrive, to the Tauntauns’ strange grunts—most notably in the book The Sounds of Star Wars and in interviews available through Star Wars' YouTube account. As we eagerly await The Force Awakens, we compiled some of the most fascinating sonic backstories into one video. Feast your ears.

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