Watch a supercut of every James Bond gadget by Burger Fiction.

Here’s a Supercut of Every Single James Bond Gadget

Here’s a Supercut of Every Single James Bond Gadget

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Nov. 7 2015 11:26 AM

Every Single James Bond Gadget, in One Video


Still from YouTube

Spectre, James Bond’s 24th foray into the multiplex, opens this weekend, and though reviews have been mixed the film promises the same blend of sun-kissed locations, overstuffed plot, and brooding Daniel Craig that audiences lapped up in the series’ past three installments.

Another thing to look forward to: the gadgets. The Bond gizmo is a tradition that goes as far back as “shaken, not stirred,” and Burger Fiction’s supercut of every single one to appear on screen—a collection that includes rocket-fueled Aston Martins, military-grade Rolexes, and a cigarette gun or two—is a fun gloss on a 007 hallmark.

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