Watch the 1978 trailer for Jurassic World: ChiefBrodyRules imagines the movie as a 70s disaster movie.

If Jurassic World Came Out in 1978

If Jurassic World Came Out in 1978

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Oct. 17 2015 5:18 PM

If Jurassic World Came Out in 1978


Still from YouTube

Jurassic World was in many ways the prototypical modern blockbuster, a movie that parlayed a massive budget, ubiquitous marketing, and the name recognition of a cherished franchise into the third-highest box office gross of all time. But ChiefBrodyRules’ latest fake trailer strips the film of that modern sheen, reimagining it instead as a goofy, incredibly entertaining ’70s disaster movie.

The video culls footage from over 40 films—the full list of which you can find here—to couch the movie’s dino-park-goes-awry plot in a charming retro pastiche. The stars? Michael Caine, Richard Pryor, and Raquel Welch.

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