Photos from Banksy's Dystopian Theme Park, Dismaland

Banksy Designed a Terrifying, Dystopian Theme Park Called “Dismaland”

Banksy Designed a Terrifying, Dystopian Theme Park Called “Dismaland”

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Aug. 20 2015 5:56 PM

Banksy Designed a Dystopian Theme Park Called “Dismaland.” It’s Terrifying.

Leave it to graffiti artist Banksy to take America’s sunniest, most saccharine amusement park and turn it into a bleak “bemusement park.” England’s newest, gloomiest tourist attraction is in Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol, on the site of an abandoned beachside attraction. No matter how many theme parks you’ve attended, this one promises to be a standout.  

Once you get past Dismaland’s eerily institutional security checkpoint, the castle looks like it’s one breeze away from collapsing. But wait, there’s more: A dead princess backdrop for prime photo ops, a whale jumping out of a toilet and through a hula hoop, and a sculpture of a woman getting viciously attacked by sea gulls. But at least the food at this park is affordable—free hot dogs, to whoever can guess what meat is in them. Welcome to Dismaland: Everything is awful.