The best movie sets ever built: Cinefix ranks sets ranging from Waterworld to The Abyss (VIDEO).

The Best Movie Sets Ever Built, Ranked

The Best Movie Sets Ever Built, Ranked

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May 26 2015 8:21 PM

The Best Movie Sets Ever Built, Ranked


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Set design should supply as seamless an illusion as possible, making it an art prone to being taken for granted: When you watch Titanic, you don’t think of the hundreds of crew members who somehow built a 90 percent scale replica of the ship as much as how cool and believable Leo DiCaprio looks running around it. As such, CineFixs latest ranking—an erudite countdown of the best movie sets in history—is a much-needed spotlight for one of cinema’s vital crafts.

It’s also a fairly even-keeled analysis, one that spreads the love between huge feats of world-building like the Cleopatra set and high-concept work like Dogvilles minimalist stage. And yes, Waterworld finally gets some recognition.

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