Game of Thrones: Is Jon Snow a Targaryen and the prophesied Azor Ahai?

Who Gave Birth to Jon Snow?

Who Gave Birth to Jon Snow?

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May 3 2015 11:38 PM

Who Gave Birth to Jon Snow?

In Episode 4 of House Slate, hosts Marc Faletti and Amanda Marcotte dig into the biggest mystery in the Game of Thrones universe: Jon Snow’s parentage. Is Jon the product of rape? Or a loving, if clandestine, affair? Or is he, boringly, the son of Ned and some tavern wench? (No.)

Sunday night’s episode took viewers to Dorne where, though he doesn’t know it, Jon was born. How is Dorne different from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms? Why are people so sexually liberated there? And what does this have to do with Jon Snow’s mother and father? All these questions are explored this week’s House Slate.

Marc Faletti is the director of multimedia for Rewire and is based in Brooklyn.

Daniel Hubbard is a writer, editor, and director living in New York City.

Amanda Marcotte is writer for Salon.

Erica Walsh is a senior producer for Slate Video.