Death Grips share On GP: A new track from the group’s Jenny Death album (VIDEO).

Death Grips Return With Rousing New Track “On GP”

Death Grips Return With Rousing New Track “On GP”

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March 15 2015 7:11 PM

Death Grips Return With Rousing New Track “On GP”

Stefan Burnett of Death Grips.

Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images for Coachella

It’s become clear over the past year that Death Grips’ methods of releasing music are as idiosyncratic as, well, their actual music. The experimental hip-hop duo announced their disbandment last July, but then released the first disc of a surprise double album, as well as a full-length instrumental record. Now we have “On GP,” a new track that confirms the band is not only still-extant but better than ever.

Fans will recognize the duo’s signature sound immediately, with Stefan Burnett’s brash flow cutting through a swirl of crashing cymbals and drowned-out guitars. The song is off Jenny Death, the second disc of double album The Powers That B.

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