The top ten movie sports showdowns: Watch Cinefix’s delightful ranking of cinema’s best sports moments (VIDEO).

The Top 10 Sports Showdowns in Film History

The Top 10 Sports Showdowns in Film History

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March 7 2015 3:35 PM

The Top 10 Sports Showdowns in Film History


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Sports and movies share such a long, storied relationship that they often blur together: We may root for our favorite NBA and NFL teams, but there will always be a cherished parallel universe in which we cheer on the Tune Squad and remember the Titans. Sports showdowns in movies therefore loom as large in the cultural memory as their real-life counterparts, and the folks over at Cinefix have done a laudable job ranking the top 10. 

The list avoids pandering to the obvious choices, managing to honor both iconic face-offs—Rocky’s fight with Apollo Creed, for example—and more idiosyncratic moments like He Got Game’s one-on-one battle between Denzel Washington and Ray Allen. 

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