Star Wars: Episode VII trailer parodies awaken: Lego edition, “George Lucas’ Special Edition,” “Crazy Lens Flare Edition,” and more on YouTube (VIDEO).

Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer Parodies Awaken

Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer Parodies Awaken

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Dec. 1 2014 11:07 AM

Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer Parodies Awaken


It’s only been a few days since the first trailer for the next Star Wars movie came out on Friday, but the holidays didn’t stop fans from getting to work.

There’s already a Lego trailer (which was just about inevitable at this point) and a version that parodies director JJ Abrams’ penchant for lens flares (in retrospect, almost as inevitable). But for my money the best parody is this trailer for “George Lucas’ Special Edition.” Here’s hoping this tricked-out update of the movie is one thing that’s not inevitable.