Monster’s, Inc. meets Ridley Scott’s Prometheus in trailer mashup (VIDEO).

If Ridley Scott Directed Monsters, Inc.

If Ridley Scott Directed Monsters, Inc.

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Sept. 3 2014 1:00 PM

If Ridley Scott Directed Monsters, Inc.


Photo courtesy of © 2001 - Disney/Pixar - All Rights Reserved

Monsters, Inc. may be a look at the stuff that childhood nightmares are made of, but at its heart the Disney-Pixar classic is all about the laughs. But what if Ridley Scott directed it? YouTube user The Unusual Suspect has created a trailer for Monsters, Inc. based on the trailer for the director’s 2012 Alien prequel Prometheus, the latest in this ever-growing genre of movie mashups (see also “If The Incredibles Was a Christopher Nolan Film” and the even better “What If Michael Bay Directed Up?”).

The cuddly human baby Boo has never before seemed so scary.


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