Hitchcock cameos supercut: Every Alfred Hitchcock appearance in one compilation (VIDEO).

Every Hitchcock Cameo in One Video

Every Hitchcock Cameo in One Video

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Aug. 13 2014 12:40 PM

Every Hitchcock Cameo in One Video

Picture taken in May 1972 of Alfred Hitchcock in Cannes before the international film festival.

Photo by AFP/Getty Images

Any movie fan can probably remember spotting some of Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous cameos—as a clock-winder in Rear Window, for example, or as an unlucky pedestrian who misses the bus at the last second in North by Northwest. But YouTube user Morgan T. Rhys’ video compilation of “Every Alfred Hitchcock Cameo” also conveniently highlights many of the lesser-known and harder-to-spot appearances.

Hitchcock’s earlier cameos especially have a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it quality to them, and thankfully, Rhys specifically outlines each appearance so you can spot him more easily. (Though sometimes, Hitch is so cleverly hidden he’s still hard to make out, as is the case with Rope.)


It’s a perfect video for Hitchcock fans to watch today, on what would have been the director’s 115th birthday.

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