Slow Motion Supercut: Watch Leigh Singer's compilation of the best slo-mo scenes in film history (VIDEO).

Here’s a Great Supercut of Cinema’s Best Slow Motion Scenes

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Aug. 2 2014 2:57 PM

Here’s a Great Supercut of Cinema’s Best Slow Motion Scenes

Neo goes slo-mo.

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Leigh Singer’s video essays are always insightful, but his latest—an entertaining supercut of some of cinema’s most famous slow motion scenes—is particularly epic. The compilation features 113 films that range from 1938’s Olympia to 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Beyond the quality of the clips themselves, the video draws a nice thematic through-line by grouping specific and popular uses of slo-mo: close-ups, big entrances, dancing, and people crashing through glass windows are all featured heavily.


(via Indiewire.)

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