Time Travel Lover: Watch a funny short film about a man who interrupts his own hookup via time travel (VIDEO).
Here’s a Very Funny Short About a Man Who Interrupts His Own Hookup Via Time Travel
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July 12 2014 1:04 PM

Time Travel Lover Is a Hilarious Short About a Man Who Interrupts His Own Hookup


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Time travel is the central conceit of what seems like dozens of movies and television shows each year, so it’s understandable that the concept sometimes gets stale. But Time Travel Lover, a very funny short directed by Bo Mirosseni and written by Elisha Yaffe, manages to be a refreshing take on the genre, even while hewing to its most predictable conventions.

The premise: a man and woman arrive home for a night of love, but a future version of the man brusquely interrupts the hookup to announce that time travel will be invented two days later. Things get a tad crazy from there. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but the acting is good, the writing is crisp and clever, and there are some big laughs.  

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