Iran Modern Family rip-off side-by-side with American version shows the Iranian show is not so modern (VIDEO).

Iran’s Modern Family Rip-Off Is Not So Modern

Iran’s Modern Family Rip-Off Is Not So Modern

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July 2 2014 6:10 PM

Iran’s Modern Family Rip-Off Is Not So Modern

Baby on Board.

Photograph by Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC.

Did you know there’s an Iranian rip-off of Modern Family? There is, but as this video shows, it’s decidedly less modern than its American inspiration.

The side-by-side comparison by YouTube user Sina Haghighi pulls scenes from both shows, and the Iranian version matches the American one nearly shot-for-shot except for two crucial differences: One of the Dunphy daughters has been changed to a son, and, most strikingly, gay couple Cam and Mitchell have been replaced by a straight couple.*

There’s not much more information about the Iranian adaptation, which is called Haft Sang, available online, but we’ve reached out to Haghighi and will let you know if he can tell us anything more.

(Via Splitsider.)

Correction, July 3, 2014: This post originally misstated that both of the Dunphy daughters had been changed to sons in the Iranian adaptation.

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