Dave Chappelle on Kanye West: On the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon the comedian talks about the first time he met the rapper (VIDEO).
Dave Chappelle Talks About the First Time He Met Kanye West
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June 16 2014 12:09 PM

Dave Chappelle Talks About the First Time He Met Kanye West

Dave Chappelle on the Tonight Show
Dave Chappelle went on the Tonight Show on Friday night.

Still from YouTube

Dave Chappelle made his first late-night appearance in more than six years last week, and on Friday night he followed it up with an interview on the Tonight Show. While on the Late Show Chappelle seemed guarded (Letterman spent much of the interview asking him about why he left his show), on the Tonight Show Chappelle dressed down and seemed in a good mood, joking around like the old Dave.

The interview, too, reflected on events from the early 2000s, and the highlight came about 4 minutes into the video above, when Chappelle talked about the first time he met Kanye West. Rather than spoil it, I’ll just say that though the meeting may have taken place more than a decade ago, it sounds like Kanye hasn’t really changed.

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